A Panoramic view of a vast lotus pond filled with thousands of flowers and floating leaves. Nature’s own palate of colours in its brightest form, the green in the leaves, the red in the flowers, the blue in the sky, the white in the clouds and the black in the rocks, capture the hearts. The rocks covered with creepers and weeds make a curved entry into the pond. Who will not want to sit on that rock and pluck a lotus from the water ? The blooming flowers in the morning sun and the little child portray a picture of innocence and beauty. The clouds in the background and the infinite blue sky make a strategic contrast to the colours applied below. This picture conveys a message of nature conservation also. "If the so-called development goes on like this, will there be any green left for our children ?" asks the artist. Preserving this beautiful nature should be the prime motto of every human being.
"Save nature save our children."

Girl at the lotus pond
Acrylic on Canvas 2008 (Size 36" x 48")

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