The folklore tradition of Kerala is well known for its extravaganza of colours and motifs. The artist is much delighted in painting the folklore themes. Here the exuberant and psychedelic colours of the Theyyam and the strong light effect of the "Pandam", which is outside the farm are the prim attractions. A good theme to show in a drawing room or a chairmanís cabin where command and rule is essential. The belief is that Theyyam has a power to ward off the evil or black energy in a room or the mind of the person. It instills extreme power to rule in the mind of the person who displays it. The motif in the right side is crafted by tender coconut leaves and aracanut leaves by artisans according to folklore tradition. True to life colours are specially formulated to paint this art piece. Watch the three dimensional effect in the motifs and the play of light.

Theyyam with Padayani
Oil on canvas 2007 (Size "24 x 36")

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