Candlelight in the dark
And a Princess in its back
Raindrops, Rain drops, Raindrops of colours
Colours of fantacy
What is on her face is a mystery
Candle lights, Candle lights
Princess with candle lights
The glittering lights and The mystique shades
She is always an illusion
Of light and shades

An antique image of a bygone era. The princess with candles comes from dark. The candlelight makes light and shade on her. But what is on her face is a mystery. You may see different expressions at different angles. Try to find her real expression. After inaugurating prem’s painting exhibition conducted by District Tourism Promotion Council The Minister of Kerala exclaimed that “Prem, princess with candles is your masterpiece”. The “raindrop style” incorporated in this picture was much praised by “The Hindu Daily” on 5/10/2007. (Please visit site

Princess with candles
Oil on canvas 2007 (Size "36 x 48")

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