The art of visual illusion.
Find the four Swans.
The four Swans hidden in the reflections of the rowers are always a piece of wonder to the art lovers during exhibitions. Not even a single person found out the swans without reading the caption. That is the peculiarity of the painting. You can not see what is vividly painted in a picture if it is drawn at particular spots. Your brain sees or hides your vision always without your knowledge. Visual illusion paintings have a peculiarity of their own, because you watch it with your brain apart from your heart. It is intelligent. You talk about it to the guests in your home or office. Every body will be delighted and admire you. Place it in your guest room, conference room, other gathering rooms and watch the enthusiasm and relationships grow.

Four Rowers and Four Swans
Acrylic on canvas 2008 (size "24 x 36")

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