The sound of water flowing in the still silence of green forest. The wild birds nestling around and having a playful mood. All these are the images that get unto our mind when we watch this lush green picture. We can listen to the melody of a waterfall with our eyes. The roots of the trees and the branches make a beautiful picture. The water falling above from the hills to the lake below form a perfect image. The artist has applied some masterly strokes in painting the waterfall each single brush stroke can be vividly seen as patches of water flowing down wards. If we solely turn our eyes from the waterfalls to the trees around we will have the soothing experience of our lives.

The art of minimalism in painting. The merging of just two colours blue and yellow, forms the shades of green. Just three strokes of light green is enough to create a waterfall. The feel of forest is created by minimum brush movements. The rocks and pebbles are painted only with blue and yellow. It is a much critically acclaimed painting of the artist.

The water fall in the Green Forest
Oil on Canvas 2007 (Size 30 "x 24 ")

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