The Captivating and soothing beauty of the backwaters of Kerala. The lake, the green rich trees standing nearby and the bloomed May flower, everything is in it to forget all worries. House boats or "Kettuvallams" were used in ancient Kerala to transport goods through the lush internal water bodies. Recently they are used in the world class tourism industry. Kerala is known as “The God’s own Country” because of the serene, alluring and clam backwaters and the evergreen nature of the place. Tourists often wonder whether a small tropical state can be such green. An evening spent aboard a house boat in the monsoon season is an experience of a life time. In this picture the image of two house boats floating in the calm waters gives the viewer a soothing and joyful experience.

House boats in the backwaters
Oil on Canvas 2008 (Size 24" x 36")

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