The artist is at his peak of creativity while colouring the face of a tigress. A beautiful lady looks directly into the viewer’s inner self through the animal’s skin. The expressions in both the eyes are strikingly similar that it catches the beholder to silence. The animal and the human face blend so magnificently that one cannot find the merging points. “The female tiger in the picture depicts the universal womanhood” says the artist. “Women portray the roles of mother, wife, daughter, professionals, working women and so on. The power in the real woman, if polished to perfection, can change the future of the world. “In this picture, I am trying to concise that powerful woman in a 20” x 20" canvas”, says prem. As for the selection of a tiger to express his unique idea, the artist says, Tiger is the most beautiful wild animal in my view simultaneously being powerful and a natural hunter, it is also a beautiful animal with astonishing designs. In my opinion tiger is most suited an image to portray the emerging unconquerable woman hood. rawing rooms, chairman’s cabins, conference rooms, etc.

The Lady and the Tiger
Acrylic on Canvas 2008 (Size 20" x 20")

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