A "Kathak" dancer twisting to the sound of intense music. A choreography of colours blended to the rhythmic music of Kathak. The colourful attire and fast-paced movements are peculiar in this traditional Indian dance form. The young dancer is poised in her actions. She is submerged in the background music and the surroundings slowly vanishes away. The contented feel and look on her face is created with a master touch. The garments are painted with such perfection that one can hear the sound of rich silk flowing in harmony with the music. Unveiling this painting on 29/9/2007. Judge V. Giri of High Court of Kerala, India said ďPremís works are exquisite pieces of art with a new style, idea, vision and voice. His art is godís gift in its profundity."
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Narthaki (The Dancer)
Oil on Canvas 2007 (Size 30" x 40")

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